House  System

The House system tries to achieve their goal by providing a secure and effective social environment with which one can easily identify one self and take pride as its recognized member.

To inculcate in them sense of responsibility, to take one’s duties in life seriously and discharge them to the best of their capability, to develop the spirit of healthy competition among the students and develop a sense of belonging and to create desire to live in harmony.

Every student from class 1 onwards is a member of one of the four houses – VISHWA, SATYAM, SHIVAM, SUNDRAM. Each house has its Flag, badge, T-Shirts etc.


Through House system, children exhibit a blend of talent, creativity, hard work and desire to set high standards of performance. It improves their linguistic attainments, intellectual faculties and fosters cultural and aesthetic tastes in them.

Various Inter-House competitions are held throughout the year and at the end of the session the ‘Best House’ trophy is awarded on the basis of co-curricular and academic achievements of the house.


House              Colour                                            Significance

Vishwa                Golden                  The house color represents the universe of yellow-the color is

                                                        associated with brightness, reminding the life sustaining sun rays and

                                                        the hue preciousness-the  gold.


Satyam               Blue                      Blue color symbolizes truth and represents the colors of vast and clear



Shivam                Red                     Red color represents the sacrifice of our freedom fighters and soldiers

                                                        for the  country.


Sundaram           Green                     Green color represents prosperity and urge to succeed.


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