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Education is a journey of discovery and growth. our school curriculum is comprehensive and based on core subjects facilitating not just the book knowledge but also the development of concepts, ideas and skills. The first six years of life are critical years in a child’s life span.

The ECE programme in our school is not a downward extension of primary classes. It is flexible to children’s need and encourages interaction with the environment, active participation and creative problem solving. We keep in mind the unique traits of this age group for e.g.: insufficient control over both large and fine muscles, need for sustained motivation etc. we provide experiences for development in domains of physical and motor , cognitive, language, socio-emotional, creative expression and aesthetic appreciation. In addition to the above children are also introduced to the world of music and dance, computer education and various sports activities.

We follow the continuous and comprehensive evaluation as initiated by CBSE. It is practiced in the true spirit thus making our curriculum and evaluation useful, desirable and an enabling process. The continuous evaluation is done formally as well as informally during the entire session. The comprehensive assessment includes scholastic as well as co-scholastic aspects of pupil’s growth.

Curriculum Of Classes (I-viii) (Session 2021-22)

Sr.No. Class Action
1 CLASS I view
2 CLASS II view
3 CLASS III view
4 CLASS IV view
5 CLASS V view