Vishwa Bharati Historical Perspective

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The Vishwa Bharati Public School and colleges are run by Vishwa Bharati Public School and colleges are run by Vishwa Bharati Womens welfare Institutions which was set up at Srinagar , Jammu and Kashmir in the year 1951 . It is a social organization registered under the societies registeration act 1860 .

Since its inception the institutions has been actively working for the welfare of womens. It has played a historic role in promotion of female education in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The down of freedom has possed new challenges and vishwa bharati was one of the foremost organizations to flight illiteracy and encourage women to play a key role in the social and economic growth of not only the state but also the country . This is a formidable task , particularly in a state over ridden with the objective of poverty and illiteracy. The results achieved by the institutions over the years have reinforced our faith in efficacy of our concerted and determined efforts.With more than 56 years of experience and expertise , the vishwa bharati women ‘s welfare institutions has consolidated its positions as one of the leading educational organizations not only in Jammu and Kashmir, state but also in delhi and its adjoining satellite townships of Noida and Greator Noida.