Seminars and Workshops:(2021-2022)

1 17-04-21 11:00AM EDUMENTOR IX to XII Special career workshop
2 02-05-21 5:00-6:30 PM DRISHTA TECHNOLOGY VI to XII Problem solving and innovation
3 02-05-21 3:00-4:30 PM DRISHTA TECHNOLOGY III to V Innovation and self confidence
4 09-05-21 5:00-6:30 PM DRISHTA TECHNOLOGY VI to IX Innovation and failure management
5 09-05-21 3:00-4:30 PM DRISHTA TECHNOLOGY III to V Creative learning and innovation
6 27-04-21 11:00-12:00PM PRATHAM INSTITUTE XII Aptitude shaping careers
7 13-05-21 11:00-12:00PM PRATHAM INSTITUTE IX to XII WOWcabulary
2) ETHICAL HACKING in IOT and cyber space
3) ISTANT STORIES- self branding on social media
5)RIGHT AND RESPONSIBILITIES -a discourse on contemporary legal issue
6) BOOSTING IMMUNITY WITH HERBS- home remedies and nutraceuticals
Sr. No. Topic Attendees Conducted by
1 Summer Fun camps to promote positivity, proactivity and productivity among teenagers towards addressing these difficult COVID times Classes 11th and 12th Summer of C19
2 Career in Economics Classes 6th to 12th UPES
3 Cyber Laws And New Age Technological Advancements Classes 11th and 12th The Career Mentor
4 Robotics, Astronomy, ClassesElectronics and Renewable energy Classes 4th to 11th STEM - GIRLS(initiative of science place )
5 A Career in journalism and mass communication Classes 11th and 12th The Career Mentor
6 Sally Ride EarthKAM, an educational outreach program of NASA executed in India by SPACE Vaishnavi 10th Pearl & Aryan 11th Pearl SPACE (empowering life through science)
7 How to build a good vocabulary (root words and visual vocab etc) Classes 11th and 12th student- oriented organisation
8 Virtual picnic to rail museum Classes 1st to 5th student- oriented organisationNational Rail Museum
9 Online Story telling session with - Priyanka Chatterjee (giving children the freedom to explore the enchanted lands of imagination and nurture their creativity Classes 1st to 5th LIVE the reading club
10 A Micro training on changing driving behavior Classes 9th to 12th CLUB D2S

Seminars and Workshops:(2020 - 2021)

1 3-05-20; 5:00PM Science Place Science Place students Annual Solar Eclipse - learn the science behind
2 22-05-2020 Drishta Technology IV-VIII The lost planet and Exoplanets - planets beyond solar system
3 17-05-2020 UPES XI & XII Artificial Intelligence, Skill for a future manager & design thinking
4 31-05-2020 ; 2:30-4:00pm Pratham Institute X, XI & XII Cyber Bullying
5 07-06-2020; 11-12pm Pyramid Seva Dal (Hubs of learning ) IX & X Dhyan Vidhyarthi Program -meditation
6 12-06-20 ; 3:30-4:30am VR Technology III-XII Live interactive session with divers from Coral Sea, Australia
8 6/12/2020 DAV PG College, Kanpur IX-XII Quiz-Covid-19 An Epidemic or Pandemic
9 18-06-2020; 5:00pm Ms Shruti Sodhi IX-XII Live talk series- Science & Robotics
10 12/6/2020 ISRO Cyberspace (ICC-2020) I-III Drawing
11 12/6/2020 ISRO Cyberspace (ICC-2020) IV-VIII Model making science craft
12 12/6/2020 ISRO Cyberspace (ICC-2020) IX-X Essay Writing
13 12/6/2020 ISRO Cyberspace (ICC-2020) XI-XII Essay Writing , Quiz
14 20-06-2020 to 29-06-2020 Science Place IV-XII Robotics, Astronomy, Electronics & Renewable Energy
15 8/25/2020 Happy Mongo Pvt. Ltd. VIII-IX Artificial Intelligence
16 28-08-2020; 5:00-6:00pm Vivek Vaswani Film actor ,producer and writer XI & XII Business strategies of creative industry
18 27-09-20 ,12-5 p.m. Jamboree XI & XII Undergraduate virtual fair-2020
19 30-09-20 ,10:30 a.m. Pratham Institute VI - X Vedic Mathematics
20 29-09-20 ,11:30 a.m. robo Garden I-XII Learn 2 code
27 29-09-2020 ,10:00 a.m. Pratham Institute VIII-X WOWcabulary
28 30-09-2020 ,04:00 p.m. Pratham Institute XI & XII WOWcabulary
29 29-09-20, 4:30-5:30pm Learn 2 code XI-XII Learn coding
30 29-09-20, 11:30-12:30pm Learn 2 code I-X Learn coding
31 29-09-20, 9-10am Self (Dr Tanjul Saxena) V-VIII Multiple Intelligence
32 29-09-20, 12:30-1:30pm Self (Dr Tanjul Saxena) I-IV Multiple Intelligence
33 29-09-20, 10-11am Pratham Institute VIII-X Vocabulary enrichment
34 30-09-20, 4-5pm Pratham Institute XI-XII Vocabulary enrichment
35 30-09-20, 10:30-11:30am Pratham Institute VI-X Vedic Mathematics
36 30-09-20, 3-5pm UCMAS III-V Abacus
37 1-10-20, 9-10pm Edumentor IX-X Counselling for stream choosing
38 10-10-2020, 10am Pratham Institute XI-XII Career awareness workshop
40 10/24/2020 Pratham Institute XI-XII Information of upcoming changes in Education field.

Seminars and Workshops:(2019-2020)

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Seminars and Workshops are organized from time to time. Both for the students as well as the teaching staff. Workshop are organized for teaching faculty to keep them abreast of latest techniques and trends in education.

List of Various Workshops attended by staff and students Click on an(icon) to view the report)

Sr.No. Date Title Action
1 30, 31 October-19 Capacity Building Programme for Social Studies Class-X View
2 22, 23 October-19 Symposium for senior students View
3 22, 23 October-19 Capacity Building Programme for English Class-X View
4 18-19 October-19 Capacity Building Programme for Mathematics Class-X View
5 11, 12 October -19 Capacity Building Programme for Hindi View
6 11 October-19 Workshop on Changes in syllabus by CBSE (Accountancy) View
7 3, 4 October -19 Workshop on Python and Artificial Intelligence View
8 12, 13 Sept. -19 Capacity Building Programme for English Class-XII View
9 1 August -19 Workshop on Virtual Reality View
10 1 August -19 Workshop on Rain Water Harvesting View
11 9 july-19 Career Counselling for Class XII View
12 22 May -19 Teacher training Workshop on Science View
13 22may-19 Teacher training Workshop on Social Studies View
14 20 May -19 Career counseling by Pratham Institution for class XI View
15 20 May -19 Stream selection and career counseling for class XI View
16 11-19 February -19 Report on Dental and eye-checkup conducted in school View
17 8 february-19 Road Safety Week Campaign View
18 2 February -19 Report on Science Exhibition View
19 26, 27 Sept-18 Capacity Building Programme for Political Science View
20 19, 20 Sept -18 Capacity Building Programme for Mathematics- Class-X View
21 14, 15 Sept. -18 Capacity Building Programme for Accountancy View
22 24-August-18 workshop on changes in Delhi University and IP University Programme View
23 8-August-18 Workshop on English Declamation Competition (Zonals) View
24 8-August-18 Workshop on Scientific skills View
25 8-August-18 Workshop on Safety of school children in School bus View
26 26-July-18 Workshop on Career counselling by T.I.M.E View
27 23-July-18 Lecture-cum-Demonstration Workshop on Kathak and Vocal music View
28 17-May-18 Effective Maths teaching techniques for primary and middle classes View
29 19march-18 Workshop on Courses offered by University of Delhi for under-graduate courses View
30 18-December-17 Dental care and Hygiene View
31 14-December-17 Cyber crime and Cyber security View
32 24 -July-17 Capacity Building Programme on Mathematics View
33 21 -July-17 Workshop on Awareness of Vector Borne Diseases View