In order to provide social and emotional support to the students during ongoing testing times, our school organized various activities such as Yoga, Life Skills, Art and Craft, Dramatic, Communicative English, Kavita Shikhan, Vedic Maths , Music , Dance etc. from 29th April to 8th May 2021 for classes 1 to 5. The students enthusiastically attended their classes and showcased their talents. They enjoyed their classes and learnt a lot of new things. The sole purpose of these activities was to keep the young learners occupied with joyful learning and also to get them involved in a healthy, competitive and collaborative environment.

Sr. Name Of the Activity Action
1 Art & Craft View
2 Communicative English View
3 Cooking Without Fire View
4 Life Skills View
5 Shikhan Kavita View
6 Vedic Maths View
7 Yoga View
8 Zumba View
9 Dramatics View