Our Vision

Vision is an evolutionary process where all stakeholders are co-authors. Our vision is where our children become cultured in all respects like body, mind and soul sothat they make things happen rather than being mere spectators. Once a Vishwa Bharatian always a Vishwa Bharatian.


vbps dwarka

To fill the vision , the prime responsibility is to prepare young minds to act as a leader to promote healthy development and academic achievement as future citizens of the country . The school os dedicated to prepare hardworking and responsible world class and the most civilized citizens with the sense of integrity and honesty . The school trains the students in such a way that they can learn to shoulder responsibilities and handle situations independently and efficiently.

The school believes in fostering ad exfoliating each individuals poetentilaities and providing opportunities for the successful learning and overall growth . VBPS provides the environment required for each and every student to discover and develop his/ her full potential . the wide array of extra circular activities provided in the school gives the students a chance to develop their talents . We at VBPS have one of the best faculites available and the indomitable about providing the ebst education to our students.